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To become an accredited landlord you must first be registered with all relevant local authorities, be managing the property yourself or have engaged the services of an accredited letting agent.

Please include names and corresponding registration numbers of each local authority with which you have registered.

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Landlord Accreditation Checklist

The following is a checklist of requirements and/or standards that landlords must meet or be working towards in order to be awarded accredited status. For more details about a particular standard, please refer to the Scottish National Core Standards for Accredited Landlords which is the basis of Landlord Accreditation Scotland. For full information on each standard click the Details link against each standard listed below

Standard 1

Communication with tenant Details

Standard 2

Equality Issues, complaints and disputes Details

Standard 3

Management of the tenancy Details

Rent, deposit and other charges Details

Inventory Details

Standard 4

Repairing standard Details

Standard 5

Repairs and maintenance Details

Standard 6

Facilities & fittings Details

Standard 7

Heating, insulation and energy efficiency Details

Standard 8

Health, safety and home security Details

Standard 9

GDPR Details

I/we understand that to ensure consistency, information about my application could be shared with a local authority where a local authority partnership is in place.
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