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Core information webinars for landlords

Core information webinars provide essential information supporting landlords to manage their lettings business well. They are continually updated to reflect the most recent legislation and outline how landlords can remain compliant at all times.

The range of webinars below cover every stage of a tenancy and look at how landlords can put practices in place to ensure ongoing compliance with legislation, sustain tenancies with good communication and when necessary, have the skills required to manage difficulties that may arise.

Our core information programme

Landlord guide to finding a tenant and offering a tenancy

This webinar leads landlords through best practice steps and legislative requirements when looking for your next tenant.

Creating the private residential tenancy (PRT)

This webinar provides detailed information about the creation of a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) using the Scottish Government model tenancy agreement, and covers the documentation and associated processes that a landlord needs to be aware of when putting a PRT in place.

Landlord Guide To Changes During A Tenancy​

This webinar provides landlords with essential information on handling change that may occur during a tenancy.​

Data Protection
For Lettings

This webinar deals with the legislation in place that makes dealing with GDPR part of letting private property. ​

Managing Tenant

This webinar helps landlords develop skills to deal with challenges that may arise during a tenancy, learning how to manage/de-escalate situations whilst maintaining high customer service standards.

Ending a Tenancy,
the Legislation

This is an essential webinar for all those involved in serving notices for both Private Residential Tenancies (PRT) and Short Assured Tenancies (SAT), to ensure that landlords have the knowledge needed to successfully complete and serve the correct notice.

Managing the End
of a Tenancy

This webinar deals with the communication and associated tasks when the tenancy is coming to an end, considering the reason for the tenancy ending.

Preparation for Possession Actions

This webinar deals with the process involved if a tenant does not leave a property on the stated end date despite all the appropriate notices having been served correctly.

Understanding Landlord Repairing and Maintenance Obligations

This webinar deals with landlord repairing obligations and how these need to be managed at all times. It will look at the general principles regarding repairs and maintenance in privately rented property

Safety Compliance and Certification for Private Rented Property

This webinar brings landlords up to date with all the health and safety requirements when letting property including ongoing compliance and all necessary certifications.

Managing Common Repairs

This webinar provides landlords with a guide to the regulations involved in joint repairing responsibilities that come with the ownership of property with communal obligations.

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