Landlord Accreditation Scotland

Accreditation for Letting Agents

Becoming accredited with Landlord Accreditation Scotland shows your clients you are committed to the highest standards in letting. Read on to learn of the benefits and how to apply.

What is Accreditation for Letting Agents

Accreditation with Landlord Accreditation Scotland is a commitment to the highest standards in Scottish letting. Aside from being able to promote your agency as working at the highest standard in Scottish lettings, there are some clear benefits to accreditation that you should know about.

Early Booking

The LETWELL programme and our Letting Agent Compliance Programme (LACP) book up very quickly.
As an accredited letting agent you are given chances to book before these programmes are released for general sale.

Discounted Rate

Accredited letting agents receive the best discounted rate for all of our courses, including the LETWELL programme and our LACP and CPD modules. The discount is a great help for teams meeting CPD requirements.

LAS Assistance

Accreditation with LAS gives you and your staff  access to assistance with tenancy and property management matters. As an accredited letting agent, simply pick up the phone or email and we will be happy to help.

Your quick guide to accreditation

Why Choose Accreditation?

All letting agents in Scotland have to be registered and adhere to the Letting Agent Code of Practice, so what makes your business different?
Accreditation is voluntary, something you choose for your business to demonstrate your commitment to professionalism. You are taking an extra step to show excellence in our industry.

How Much Does it Cost?

We offer a sliding scale of annual accreditation fees based on organisation size, which deliberately includes a low rate for smaller organisations to make it accessible. All fees go straight back into supporting landlords and letting agents through the provision of information and training sessions, created and continually developed by a team dedicated to assisting those working in the industry to succeed.   Agents with multiple offices are required to make a separate application for each of those offices. 

Are There Refusals?

Landlord Accreditation Scotland has the right to refuse the accreditation of any letting agent if it is felt that the applicant does not meet the standards expected of the scheme.
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