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Lettings in Practice Programme

Working in the Private Rented Sector is a busy and interesting career which requires a wide range of skills from excellent customer service to understanding the basics of building maintenance.

You can start work in a letting agency without a specific qualification and then through the experience you gain, and the learning programmes you undertake, work towards the LETWELL Programme of learning leading to the CIH level 3 certificate in letting and managing residential property.

Your learning journey:

  • Lettings in Practice Programme
  • The LETWELL qualification
  • The Letting Agent Compliance Programme

Your career could start as a lettings administrator or a maintenance assistance and through the experience you gain whilst doing your job and the learning you undertake as part of your role, you can decide where in lettings is best for you.

Lettings in Practice Programme

This learning and development programme, delivered via a series of face-to-face sessions and webinars, is designed to enhance the business skills of those working in letting agencies by helping learners gain a better understanding of what is required/important in all aspects of landlord and tenant relationships. The programme is underpinned with reference to the Letting Agent Code of Practice, company procedures and wider legislation.  Those undertaking the programme will be taken through all aspects of the customer journey for both the landlord and tenant and it aims to build awareness of personal impact.

There are six modules in the programme. They provide 14 hours of learning and can be undertaken in any order. They have been created to recognise the different roles undertaken by letting agency staff, with each module covering an area or areas of letting agency work in detail, tying in the Letting Agent Code of Practice and consumer regulations.  

Why should agency staff undertake this learning?

This programme should be seen as essential professional development for those who are either new to lettings or those who have transferred agency and although qualified, have not undertaken the LETWELL qualification.  Completing this learning programme will provide employers with confidence that their new team member is operating in line with legislation and current best practice in the industry.  

There is no requirement to undertake every module and there is no time limit to complete the programme, delegates can work through the modules at their own pace. However, agency staff will gain the most benefit from attending the full programme and companies will get the most benefit from regarding the programme as standard practice for any new member of staff.

How is the programme delivered?

Each module will be delivered over a number of sessions to allow enough time to cover all the required topics in a manageable timeframe. We want to make sure learners come away from the face-to-face sessions or the webinars with more refined practical skills, and to achieve this, there will be both ‘listening & doing’ activities as the best way to learn is through practice.

What’s covered in the programme

Module 1: Customer Service: Session 1

This module focuses on Customer Service. Session 1 explores the topics of communication skills and customer care to help support agents enhance every interaction. We also explore the role and impact of communications, in addition to defining and understanding what makes excellent service.

Module 1: Customer Service: Session 2

Continuing with the theme of Customer Service, in Session 2 we explore the topic of complaints, including how to handle, respond to and manage complaints, and the role of the Complaints Procedure.


Module 2: Valuations: Sessions 1 & 2

This module focuses on Valuations. Session 1 looks at the legislation and process for valuing and taking on properties to let. The second session considers possible barriers to taking on properties and how to overcome them or walk away.

Module 3: Advertising to Moving In: Sessions 1 & 2

This module focuses on advertising a property, through to moving in. Session 1 looks at the legislation and process for new lets from advertising to the point of check in.  The second session considers your tenant and landlord concerns with new lets.  

Module 4: Property Management: Sessions 1 & 2

This module focuses on Property Management. The first sessions looks in detail at the role of the Property Manager and their responsibilities. The second session concentrates on the skills necessary to manage difficult situations and conversations involved in the day-to-day management of property/tenancies.

Module 5: Notice to Check Out: Sessions 1 & 2

This module focuses on bringing a tenancy to an end and checking out. Bringing a tenancy to a successful end involves good communication and organisation. Session 1 covers the period of time from providing notice to carrying out the check-out inspection. The second session examines how to manage difficulties that may arise at the end of tenancies, and remarketing of the property.

Module 6: Financial

This module covers the legalities of all aspects of landlord and tenant money ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and the agencies’ Terms of Business.

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