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Best Practice Webinars

Best Practice webinars provide detailed information concentrating on a single topic allowing a more in-depth look than general information sessions. Landlords and letting agents will benefit equally from attendance.

The range of webinars below looks at situations that may occur during a tenancy or procedures that a landlord or agent can put in place that will help with a particular part of the tenancy management process.  These topics follow on from the Core Information Programme but can be done a stand alone sessions.   

Our Best Practice Programme

Creating inventories

This webinar is sponsored by LPS. Attendance at the webinar will provide you with a framework for the preparation of a relevant inventory document.

Chasing the debt

This webinar helps you understand the process of raising an action with the First-tier Tribunal for a payment order for monies owed and the subsequent enforcement of that payment order.

Dealing with rent arrears

This webinar helps landlords put plans in place to manage the situation when it becomes apparent that the tenant may not pay their rent.

Dealing with abandonment

This webinar provides a practical guide on how a landlord should proceed when it is suspected that a tenant has left a property without giving notice, commonly known as abandonment of a privately rented property. It is not as simple as just clearing the property and looking for another tenant.

Dealing with difficult tenants

The aim of this online session is to support landlords deal with conflict that can arise during a tenancy.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour - the requirement for evidence

This webinar informs you about the communication and evidence-gathering processes required when dealing with the challenges of anti-social behaviour.

Preparation for Tenancy Updates April 2024

This webinar provides information on changes occurring from 1st April 2024 regarding notice grounds and timescales for eviction, as well as changes to rent increase procedures.

Personal safety and lone working

This webinar is delivered by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to offer essential awareness training on lone working and personal safety.

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