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Training for Landlords with LAS

Landlord Accreditation Scotland delivers a comprehensive programme of information and support with a wide range of topics which are easy to access.

Being a landlord might not be your full time occupation, but keeping up to date with legislation and best practice is essential and LAS is here to help.

The benefits of training for landlords

Landlord Accreditation Scotland has been delivering training to  landlords since 2008. In that time we’ve learnt much about the delivery of this training and what works for landlords. LAS creates sessions and delivers information we know you need and that those who have attended in past tell us is essential. No other training provider has our experience, or connection with landlords.

Our webinars are constantly being updated to meet the latest changes in Scottish legislation. Regular attendance at these webinars will help you to achieve the highest standards in Scottish lettings.

A question and answer session is built into the webinar, allowing you to put your questions to the panellists. You will also be offered the slide deck from the session, which is filled with links to more information and useful documents.

Landlord training programmes

By following this path you will cover all of our relevant training sessions, and noticeably improve you own industry knowledge as well as the efficiency of your lettings business.

All of our webinars can be completed independently and run regularly.  You can choose any webinar that suits and do them in any order. 

1. Step One

Core Information Programme

If you are a landlord starting off in Scotland, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our Core Information Programme of webinars is designed to help you get up to speed with all the best practices for Scottish landlords. They can be completed in any order, although we do have a suggested completion order if you are new to lettings. Click the button to go to our list of Core Information webinars to see our suggested order of completion.

2. Step Two

Best Practice

Our best practice webinars deal with many of the more complex issues involved in Scottish letting. Whilst the Core Information programme covers all relevant topics, the Best Practice programme goes into more detail on these issues and the legislation behind them. Upon completing the Core Information programme of webinars we recommend looking at these webinars as a follow up. To view our current Best Practice programme, click the button to see the webinars listed along with booking information.

3. Step Three

Stay Informed

Upon completion of the Core Information and the Best Practice programmes you will feel confident that you are running your lettings business in line with recommended best practices.  If you have yet to become accredited, now would be a perfect time to consider this.  Accredited Landlords can stay up to date with any changes to legislation through the webinar programmes which you will hear about first.  Click the button for all our accreditation information.

Benefits of online learning

Location and time

All courses are online at the moment. This means there are more sessions for you to choose from. We run sessions morning and afternoon so if you can’t make one date or time you know that session will be available again soon.


Many find that they focus better in a home environment. With our webinars you can focus on the information in the comfort of your own home, free from distractions and noise.

Health and safety

LAS recognise that landlords do still have concerns about in person training with large groups. With our webinars taking place online, we will continue to provide the information you need where you feel safe.


Join our webinars from wherever suits you best. With a webinar, we come to you.

Our tutors

Our team of tutors have a wealth of experience in the private rented sector and are specialists in their field. They are also dedicated to the provision of high quality training within the sector.

Elspeth Boyle

Elspeth Boyle

Elspeth is the director of LAS and is involved in the creation of our training offering and webinars. Elspeth hosts many of our bespoke and in-house sessions and brings all her private rented sector experience to our clients at our LETWELL sessions and more.

Gail Bowden

Gail is a tutor with decades of experience in all things lettings. In her time with LAS, Gail has travelled the length and breadth of Scotland delivering our training to letting professionals across the country. She is now on hand at our webinars, delivering vital training to our clients and is on hand to answer your questions.

Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson is a highly experienced solicitor who has worked tirelessly in the private rented sector. Fiona hosts our hugely popular Preparation for Possession Actions webinar and is always on hand for questions at these sessions.

John Blackwood

John is the CEO of Landlord Accreditation Scotland and the head of our sister organisation, the Scottish Association of Landlords. His experience working with and on behalf of landlords makes him a great tutor, and you can join some of his webinars on the first tier tribunal and LETWELL.

Begin learning with LAS

Whether you are new to the world of lettings or have a been a landlord in Scotland for years, LAS have a webinar that will be of value to you.

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