Rental Property Insurance

Supporting information for Scottish Landlord Registration

Key points

Landlords renting out property in a tenement of block of flats are obliged by law to have adequate common insurance. This is to cover the landlords share of the costs of major and expensive damage to the building. Landlords need to insure the building for a reinstatement value that could be more than the sale value. Many apartment blocks carry a block insurance policy which all owners pay for jointly. This can be in place for tenements also.

If there is a mortgage on the property, its terms will require the landlord to carry adequate insurance.


Further Context

Landlords renting property which is semi-detached or terraced are not required to be insured as above. Split villas and flats in a block of 4 do need to be insured as above.


The Tenement Scotland Act which came into force in 2004 outlines the full details and can be accessed via the Under One Roof website.

Maximise your Success as a Landlord

LAS run a regular programme of training courses helping landlords adopt best practice and remain updated with changes to legislation. Anyone involved in letting property in the private rented sector in Scotland is welcome to attend. You do not need to be accredited.

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