Your Training Journey with LAS

Let us help get you to the highest standards for Scottish Landlords

We know that work in lettings is extremely complex and often time consuming, so we came up with this training plan to help get you started.

By following this path you will cover all of our relevant training sessions, and noticeably improve the efficacy and reliability of your lettings business.

All of our webinars can be completed independently, so if you do feel as though a certain topic is more relevant to you, please don’t hesitate to book!

Landlord Training Journey

Step One:
Core Information Series

If you're a landlord starting off in Scotland, it can be difficult to wrap your head around where to start.

Our Core Information Webinar series is designed to help you get up to speed with all the best practices for Scottish Landlords.

They can be completed in any order, although we do have a suggested completion order if you are new to lettings.

Click the link below to go to our list of Core Information Webinars and see our suggested order of completion

Step Two:
Best Practices

Our best practice webinars deal with many of the more complex issues involved in Scottish Letting.

Whilst the Core Information series covers most relevant topics, the Best Practice series goes into more detail on these issues and the legislation behind them

upon completing the Core Information Series, we recommend looking at these webinars as a follow up.

To view all our current Best Practice Series, click the link below to see the webinars listed with booking information.

Step Three:
Stay informed!

Upon completion of the Core Information series and the Best Practices series of webinars you'll be in a fantastic place to conduct your lettings business with confidence.

If you aren't already accredited, now would be a perfect time to consider this.

Our courses are always being updated and Accredited Landlords are easily able to stay up to date with the latest changes to legislation and courses.

click the link below for all our accreditation information

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