Why Choose a LAS Webinar

Our webinars and events are trusted by landlords and letting agents the length and breadth of Scotland. Read on for more

Training Specifically Designed for Scottish Letting Agents and Landlords

Landlord Accreditation Scotland has been delivering training to Scottish letting agents and landlords since 2008. In that time we’ve learnt much about the delivery of this training, and the content that is relevant to you. No other training provider has our experience, or connection to Scottish Lettings.

Our webinars are constantly updated to meet the latest changes in Scottish legislation. Regular attendance at these webinars make sure your stay up to date and manage your tenancies at the highest standard.

A question and answer session is built into the webinar, allowing you to put your questions to the  tutors and panellists, you will also be offered the slide deck from the session, which is filled with useful links and documents.

Benefits of Online Learning


Join our webinars from wherever suits you best. Landlords can choose a date and time that suits them. For letting agents, no need to have the whole team out of the office to travel to a training session. With a webinar, we come to you.


Many people find that they focus better in a home environment or in a quiet space in the office. Webinars allow you to focus on training in a space of your choosing free from distractions and noise.

Location & Time

Before we moved to online training we were limited to the areas we could easily reach.
We're now able to reach more of Scotland than ever before. We're also able to provide more options for training!

Health and Safety

Health and safety remain a high priority and for the time being LAS will continue to provide the training programmes via webinars. However we can now deliver bespoke/in-house training and will be delivering in person training again in 2023

Our Webinar Ranges

We hold a variety of webinars covering all areas of the private rented sector.

In order to help you to navigate these webinars and choose the best type we've grouped them into specific sections and levels.

Consider the options here, click for more information or give us a call and we will be happy to help you work out your best training steps

Core Standard Training Level 1

Level one topics cover foundational topics for lettings professionals. Our growing range of topics cover property maintenance, the serving of notices and some basic legislation.

Core Standard Training Level 2

Level 2 topics expand on their previous counterparts, giving more detail on topics like common repairs in a building, managing complaints and preparing for possession actions.

Best Practice Training

Our Best Practice series provide guidelines to the recommended course of action when dealing with specific areas of practice. These webinars are important to help landlords and letting agents work to the highest standards in the industry and are a great refresher on specific topics.

CPD for Letting Agents

These webinars are designed to help Scottish agents meet their required 15 hours of CPD training. Custom built for letting agents in Scotland this training will guide you through a deep dive on various pieces of legislation and legal systems relevant to you as a Scottish Letting Agent

Not Sure Where to Begin?

We’ve made a quick training map to help you see how your training journey with LAS should look. 

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