Dealing with difficult tenants

The aim of this online session is to support landlords deal with conflict that can arise during a tenancy.

Being a landlord requires many skills, some of which are more straight forward than others. Dealing with difficult situations that can occur during a tenancy is less straightforward and can be a challenge for landlords who are often managing this on their own. We will look at how matters can escalate and examine how skills and techniques used in mediation can be of real help.

Topics explored in this session:

  • Understanding how conflict can arise
  • Effective communication
  • Introduction to mediation

At the end, you will be able to:

  • recognise situations where conflict could arise
  • use mediation tools to de-escalate conflict
  • understand how to access mediation should you need to.

It is a 2hour session (with a break) and thus is excellent value for money.

You may not be experiencing this situation at present, but attending will ensure you have the skills needed should it arise in the future.

Who is this webinar for: Landlords

Course tutor: May Millard, Scottish Mediation

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Learning Format

A virtual classroom is a learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss material, while working in groups, via an online platform. LAS use Zoom.

Our Partners and Sponsorship

In addition to working with Local Authorities, we seek sponsorship from relevant companies. By attracting sponsorship we can continue to develop training and information sessions to provide essential updates and support for landlords and letting agents operating in Scotland. This webinar is delivered by Scottish Meditation.


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