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The Letting Agent Compliance Programme

At Landlord Accreditation Scotland we are proud to have created the only CPD specific training programme covering every aspect of the Letting Agent Code of Practice, The Letting Agent Compliance Programme (LACP).

Completed as a set, the modules will fulfil the 15-hour formal CPD requirement for qualified letting agents. However, they can be completed independently depending on your teams’ needs.

How our Letting Agent Compliance Programme works

There are seven modules in the programme which are delivered virtually and can be done in any order. They have been put together taking into account the different roles undertaken by letting agency staff. Each module covers an area or areas of the Letting Agent Code of Practice in detail tying in the requirement for every letting agent in Scotland to have qualified staff undertaking CPD.

There is no requirement to complete every module, however many agency owners who have already completed the programme have said that they feel their qualified staff will benefit from attending every session. There is no time limit for completion of the programme, you can work through these at your own pace.

Each module will be delivered over two webinars (with the exception of Module 5) to allow enough time to cover all the required topics. We want to make sure you come away from webinars with more refined practical skills than when you started, and to achieve this, there will be both ‘listening & doing’ activities as the best way to learn is through practice.

Talk to us about arranging places for your qualified staff to attend the full programme or any of the individual sessions below.

Sponsored by SafeDeposits Scotland.

What’s covered in the programme

Module 1

Overarching standards
of practice

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the overarching standard of practice.
  • The implications of non-compliance.
  • The benefits of strategic learning and development.

Module 2

Engaging landlords

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the landlord and agent relationship.
  • Knowledge of what must be included in the terms of business (TOB).
  • Requirements before engaging landlords.

Module 3


Topics covered:

  • Property marketing and advertising.
  • Fee charging and tenancy applications.
  • Tenancy Agreement preparation.
  • Starting the tenancy process.

Module 4

Management, maintenance and ending the tenancy

Topics covered:

  • Required written procedures & property visits.
  • Rent management.
  • Repairs and maintenance and third parties.
  • Ending the tenancy.

Module 5

Communications and resolving complaints

Topics covered:

  • Working with conflict.
  • Effective communication.
  • Good practice in complaint handling.

Module 6

Handling landlords' and tenants' money and insurance arrangements

Topics covered:

  • Written procedures required.
  • Client accounts and debt recovery.
  • Professional indemnity and insurance.
  • Criminal activity.

Module 7

Lettings legislation

Topics covered:

  • The legislation that underpins the Letting Agent Code of Practice.
  • Associated lettings legislation and methods of redress.
  • Tailoring procedures to ensure compliance.
  • The importance of auditing and reviewing procedures.

Grow Your Knowledge and Stay Up to Date

Fulfil CPD Needs

The LACP programme is training designed with the letting agent code of practice in mind. This programme lets you meet your 15 hours of formal CPD in a structured way .

Trusted Knowledge

We have been providing expert training on Scottish Legislation since 2008!


The Letting Agent Compliance Programme covers many diverse areas of lettings, making a great choice to expand your skill set on specific areas.

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