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The range of courses offered by LAS are very informative, the slide decks are so useful to refer back to and the personal support offered is invaluable. We would recommend LAS courses to anyone in the industry.
Fiona McCrorie Mackinnons Solicitors
Next available courses
  • 01 Aug

    Chasing the debt

    • Best Practice Training

Letting agents

  • 01 Aug

    Safety compliance and certification for private rented property

    • Core Information Programme

How our pricing works

LAS accredited landlords and letting agents benefit from the best available prices for all training types provided by LAS.

Landlord and letting agent members of our sister organisation Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) are offered discounted rates as a benefit of their SAL membership. 

LAS welcomes everyone in the sector to our training programmes. If you are not yet accredited or a member of SAL you can still book a training session at our full training rate but why not speak to us about becoming accredited now.

LAS accredited landlords and letting agents:
Best price available for all types of training

SAL landlord and letting agent members:
Discounted rates

Everybody else in the sector:
Full price

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